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Trenbolone Acetate by Vermodje is called Trenaver. Trenbolone is currently one of the most intense anabolic steroid in the world.Trenbolone Acetate is a powerful short ester based anabolic steroid which has both highly anabolic and androgenic effects. Equal in both regards Trenbolone Acetate is very powerful it is 500 times more anabolic and 500 times more androgenic than testosterone and if you understand how powerful testosterone is that should give you a quite good idea to why trenbolone acetate could be so perfect. Structure of trenbolone acetate is a 19-nor anabolic steroid belonging to the same class as Nandrolone yet far more powerful. Sharing many traits with testosterone trenbolone acetate perfectly and dramatically increases IGF-1 production at your body; that is important as IGF-1 is not only truly anabolic but a hormone that affects almost every cell at your body.
For the off-season athlete that is one of the best anabolic steroids for increasing growth as good as increasing strength and when coupled with testosterone of about any form you will be tough pressed to find a more effective cycle. Not only could growth and strength be gotten but the good news is this steroid does not aromatize meaning any weight gain experienced owing to Trenbolone Acetate is going to be brillant and permanent lean muscle mass. This is not only good news basically by doing water retention less than concern but gains made by the Trenbolone hormone have been shown to be of much more stable sense.


Its ester is acetate so it means you should inject the steroid everyday or every other days. the most common recommended frequency is use of everyday but, many people does not want to drill their ass everyday so bodybuilders usually inject that drug one in every other day. The dosage all depends on your weight and steroid history. Period of use generally 8 weeks, 50-100 mg daily.



Package 10 ml/vial x 100 mg = 1000 mg

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